The Agora Mission: A Letter From Jonathan Molloy, Founder

To the Swarthmore Community:

I think a lot of us enter college with the expectation that for the next four years we will be constantly exposed to new ideas and inspiring people. While the college’s effort to promote the liberal arts and celebrate new discoveries is spirited, it has often been my feeling that the people whom I’ve met, often those doing the most inspiring work, tend to have the smallest audience. I strongly believe that it’s not that people don’t care; it’s that they don’t know.

Imagine a community that not only knew, but celebrated its most inspiring students on the highest stage, illuminating their work for everyone to see. Doing so might forever change the way that students learn and grow together during their time at Swarthmore.

Why can’t that be this community? I’m confident that it can.

Enter the Agora.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek marketplace known for fostering intellectual exchange, the Swarthmore Agora will serve as the stage that so many of our fellow students deserve.

And what I find so amazing about this idea is that it has no bounds. It is a limitless platform for sharing knowledge and celebrating ideas. For example, in its second year, we are excited about the prospects of inviting back past winners to speak at orientation, bringing this process of exchanging knowledge full circle.

The Agora presents an opportunity to create a living legacy of the inspiring work of Swarthmore students, and act a window into the college for the rest of the world.

I look forward to seeing you on May 5th.

Jonathan Molloy ‘14
Founder of the Swarthmore Agora